July 1, 2011
Ohio governor signs law allowing guns in bars

Public support for the bill grew after the Supreme Court permitted the release of a video game based on the movie “Road House”. Governor Kasich defended the law, saying that it was a necessary step towards getting Plaxico Burress to sign with the Cleveland Browns next season.

But seriously, a couple points here. First, what’s not mentioned in the headline is that the law permits concealed¬†weapons to be in bars. Then, there’s this:

"The law also prohibits gun owners from consuming alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they carry their weapons into bars."

What? They can’t honestly expect people to abide by that provision, least of all the bartenders. Are they supposed to check everyone for concealed weapons before serving them? How could the Ohio legislature have been convinced to pass such a law?

"Opponents of the laws had said that mixing guns and alcohol would endanger public safety. Supports argued that the laws bring Ohio into line with other states that have concealed carry rules."

The arguments, in summary.
Against: “Combining guns and alcohol is a bad idea”
For: “But everyone else is doing it”